Country Summary
Our Focus
Gryphon market entry

Saira Keltaeva - 'Blue Trout Beldersay'

We are developing projects in logistics and consumer facing businesses in Uzbekistan in cooperation with substantial local groups.

We will be seeking to bring our experiences of other frontier markets to bear in the development of the Uzbekistan private sector and in the privatisation programme.
A New Emerging Market

Following political changes and the opening of the Uzbek economy, local entrepreneurs have many opportunities, including:

  • A major privatisation program in multiple sectors
  • An emerging market of 33mn consumers seeking the same products and services as elsewhere in the region
  • A centre of food production for the region
  • Many infrastructure opportunities within the belt-and-road framework
  • The lowest cost production within the southern Russia-central Asia region

Attractions for inward investors include:
  • Rare opportunity to participate at the ground floor of a new, significant emerging market
  • An increasingly attractive investment climate
  • Modest capital can make a significant impact
Areas of Interest

In Uzbekistan, we work with certain specific family groups seeking to:

  • develop projects for the new Uzbek economy
  • participate in selected privatisations where we can add value
  • accelerate growth with foreign capital or partners through joint ventures on new projects or existing developments
Gryphon in Uzbekistan
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