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Polish equity market
p/e: 10.4x
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We have developed projects with major Polish groups in media, engineering, manufacturing, financial services, energy and investment holdings, as well as many smaller businesses.

We have raised capital, placed shares, restructured debt and arranged foreign financing or strategic partnerships for Polish groups.

Through our local office, we have strong connections to the entrepreneur and financial communities in Poland.

We have an in-depth experience and understanding of how Polish companies can be built from scratch to market leadership positions, leveraging foreign capital.
Country Summary

Opportunities for Polish groups include:

  • Value-added production base within the EU
  • Large, mobile and sophisticated consumer market
  • Unconsolidated white spaces in the economy available for new entrants
Attractions for inward investors include:
  • Strong start-up, high growth project skills with proven execution capacity
  • Modest capital investment can play a significant role
  • Reducing competition for dealflow from structured private equity actors
Area of Interest

In Poland, we focus on supporting private entrepreneurs and businesses at all sizes and stages of the growth cycle seeking to:

  • buy businesses out of bankruptcy in any sector
  • consolidate areas of the economy or create new markets
  • undertake specialist real estate and retail projects
  • form joint ventures with foreign partners to accelerate export opportunities
  • implement turnarounds
50.4% of GDP
Gryphon in Poland
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