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Egyptian equity market
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Mahmoud Saïd — 'Petite fille d'Assiout'

We have developed projects with major Egyptian groups in chemicals and building materials, as well as many smaller businesses.

We have raised capital, placed shares and arranged foreign financing or strategic partnerships for Egyptian groups.

Through our local office, we have deep access to senior State officials and private sector entrepreneurs. We have an in-depth experience and understanding of how Egyptian companies function at a micro-economic level and the critical operational and deal success factors.
Country Summary

Opportunities for Egyptian groups include:

  • Low labour costs
  • Established industrial infrastructure
  • Attractive customs arrangements with the EU, Gulf markets and the USA
  • Young demographic with large, concentrated consumer market

Attractions for inward investors include:
  • Realistic valuations / low competition / high local capital costs
  • Major real estate related expansion and development opportunities
  • Modest capital investment can play a significant role
Areas of Interest

In Egypt, we focus on private sector enterprises and new projects where:

  • there is a role for a strategic or expertise partner to work with owner-managers
  • improved corporate administration can add value
  • there is an opportunity to build significant market share if lower cost capital can be supplied
  • a money partner is needed for acquisitions of distressed or overleveraged production assets
  • technology concepts can be transferred from the EU into the local market
11% of GDP
Gryphon in Egypt
Samir El-Alaily
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