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Ukraine equity market
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Mykola Pymonenko – 'A Boy in a Straw Hat'

We have developed projects with Ukrainian groups in food production, logistics and FMCG.

We have an in-depth experience and understanding of how Ukrainian groups operate in a shifting political and economic environment to develop business opportunities and where foreign investment can play a role to mutual benefit.
Country Summary

Opportunities for Ukrainian groups include:

  • Ongoing development of the agriculture sector
  • Real estate and touristic development and continuing urbanisation
  • Acquisitions of distressed assets

Attractions for inward investors include:
  • Ultra-low valuations
  • Underlying attractive fundamentals, not necessarily captured in official data
  • Sporadic opportunities for exceptional value creation in periods of currency and political weakness
  • Limited local long term capital
Areas of Interest

In Ukraine, we focus on selected long term relationships with a limited number of entrepreneurs and foreign investors assisting them to:

  • access foreign capital or partners at various stages of their capital development
  • buy businesses out of bankruptcy in any sector with a foreign partners
  • develop real estate opportunities
3.4% of GDP