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Gryphon market entry
Russian equity market
p/e: 4.1x
Osip Braz – 'Chekhov'

We have developed projects with important Russian groups in media, building materials, chemicals, FMCG, logistics and technology.

We have strong connections to a select group of entrepreneurs and investors in Russia with whom we have been working for a long period of time. We do not actively pursue opportunities outside this group, together with their trusted network, and generally focus on mobilising capital for SME opportunities in the country.

We have a long experience and understanding of Russian business and the critical success factors that can lead to a mutually positive outcome from a cross-border cooperation.
Country Summary

Opportunities in Russia include:

  • Economic white spaces that are open for SME activity
  • Partnering with selected foreign expertise and management value added to improve businesses and create export opportunities
  • Restructuring of businesses owned by banks
  • Technology enabled start-ups

Attractions for inward investors include:
  • A major coherent market, likely to come back into fashion in the future, with a large population on the doorstep of the EU
  • Deep value opportunities, subject to working with the right local counterparties
Gryphon is not currently investing in Russia
46.8% of GDP
Gryphon in Russia
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