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Gryphon market entry

Hellenic equity market
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We have a longstanding commitment to the Greek market dating back to 1991 and have developed projects in FMCG, logistics and infrastructure as well as involvement with multiple SMEs.

Through our local office, we have strong connections to the financial and commercial communities in Greece, especially in the shipping industry.
Country Summary

Opportunities for Greek groups include:

  • Leveraging Greek expertise in specific sectors into the surrounding region
  • Restructuring of companies which remain overleveraged following the € crisis
  • Start-up ventures
  • Shipping and logistics related activity

Attractions for inward investors include:
  • Limited local equity available
  • Attractive valuations in a market that is within the Eurozone
  • Many turnaround or restructuring opportunities still remaining following the € crisis
  • Centre of expertise and capital for logistics ventures
  • Attractive tourism opportunities
Areas of Interest

In Greece, we focus on working with a limited number of private families and entrepreneurs, adding our expertise in SME investment and restructuring, with a focus on:

  • accessing foreign capital or partners through joint ventures on new projects
  • fund creation and management
  • debt restructuring
  • real estate opportunities
35.8% of GDP
Gryphon in Greece
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