How we work
Invest time to develop the relationship and understand the goal
Create a financial partnership based on shared work and risk
Supply & arrange capital step-by-step as our relationship develops
Build the business together for the long term as your partner
If you are a private sector entrepreneur or corporation in a CEEMENA market, the global capital markets seem unlimited yet financing your project or acquisition is a major challenge.

You are not alone.

The CEEMENA region ranks last globally in equity capital penetration as a proportion of GDP. Our region has many exciting and high potential projects. But it requires a different cultural and financial approach.

We believe that cooperation and long-term partnership is the most effective foundation for investment in our region. We work together with local entrepreneurs to create compelling business stories that can dominate sector categories - step-by-step. We bring our own capital and a network of European investors that think the same way.
Long Term Capital
A History of our Region
We are present on the ground in the main CEEMENA markets, with a senior team that has worked together and known each other for many years. That is how long it takes to build relationships and bring compelling business stories to fruition.

We are fully committed to the businesses and entrepreneurs of our region because we don't do anything else. And we have maintained our market commitment since 1991.

Our local presence enables us to share the burden with our partner companies and to solve together the many problems that will arise in building a business.
Local Presence
A History of our Region
The most successful businesses in the CEEMENA region have always understood how to work with international capital markets or multinational strategic partners. Why? Because the cheapest money isn't at home – it is sitting in western Europe, the US or China.

Do you wish to compete with it or align with it?

The business reality is that multinationals and international financial capital have always had more disposable firepower at a lower cost of funding than local CEEMENA businesses. As part of our relationship with you, we offer a conduit to strategic partners and global markets.

Our shared objective: activate the lowest cost capital required to build a major local business.
International Access
A History of our Region