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Expertise and resolute commitment.
Egypt is the 3rd largest economy in Africa with a demographically attractive population of 98mn. It is the cultural centre of the Arab world, the economic gateway to the Maghreb and has close relationships with all the main global actors.
since 1996
Gryphon is a British investment company.
A trusted partner to businesses in ten countries since 1991. Measuring our relationships in decades.
Iran is a regional superpower of 82mn people. This ancient civilization is the world's last major emerging market that is largely closed. Gryphon was active under the JCPOA agreement and retains a close partnership with a leading Iranian investment firm.

With 113mn of its 144mn population living west of the Urals, Russia may be conceptualised as a European neighbour the size of France plus Spain. Russia is a large consumer economy with ample investment white spaces and attractive valuations.

With a massive land area and attractive sub-soil and agricultural resources, Kazakhstan is among the richest of the Central Asian republics. The Kazakhs have a long tradition of friendly international relations and the country is a regional hub for multinationals, NGOs and IFIs.
since 1999
since 2009
Poland is the centre of gravity in Central Europe with a 39mn population and is a regional hub for multinationals and real estate investment. Poland has been the principal recipient of FDI in Central Europe since the mid-1990s.
since 1993
Romania was the last high population EU accession economy and is moving towards € membership under one of the most respected central banks in Europe. It has a sophisticated tech sector and a young, savvy consumer market of 19mn.

since 1996
Turkey is a major political and economic actor across the region with a demographically attractive population of 82mn. Turkey is a longstanding gateway emerging market for financial investors and a well-established multinational manufacturing hub.
since 1991
Greece is the global centre of the shipping industry with a large tourism sector. A new dynamism is emerging in the 11mn population local economy following the € crisis with many start-up and restructuring opportunities.
since 1991
Ukraine is a 42mn population low production cost economy at the border of the EU. Despite ongoing challenges, investors have been handsomely rewarded for ignoring the headlines and focusing on the many deep value opportunities in Ukraine.

since 2004
Uzbekistan is the largest emerging consumer market in Central Asia with a 33mn population and large agriculture and mining sectors. It is offers the rare and special opportunity that comes with a new market opening up for the first time.
since 2017
Gryphon is a British investment company.
A trusted partner to businesses in ten countries since 1991.
Measuring our relationships in decades.
Expertise and resolute commitment.
The Central & Eastern Europe, North Africa, Central Asia region ("CEEMENA") is the world's most underinvested geography. This is the economic space in which we operate, seeking to support strong local businesses in realising their ambitions by providing or arranging long term capital.

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Long Term Capital
We are the longest established British investment firm exclusively focused on the countries of CEEMENA. We have deep local networks and a profound cultural understanding of the region and its peoples. Partnering with businesses in this geography is the only thing we do.

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Local Presence
We cornerstone projects and have built far-reaching access to European sources of capital that think the same way as us. We have completed over 100 projects in the region since 1991, all with a cross border element. Many clients have become market leaders in their territory.

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International Access